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Dolomite RocLok Hide a Key for Shorty's Charities

Limited Offer
Free Autographed Photo with First 100 Orders

RocLok Hide a Key for Shorty's Charities

RocLok Hide a Key for Shorty's Charities

RocLok Hide a Key for Shorty's Charities

The Dolomite RocLok Hide a Key for Shorty's Charities

The newest and largest member of the RocLok Hide a Key; The Dolomite is a long, low-lying rock formation that would work beautifully amongst shorter shrubbery.

The bottom of the Dolomite has the Shorty's Charities logo imprinted into the rock.

$20 of every Dolomite sale will be donated to Shorty's Charities.

You would never leave your child home alone without a back-up, so why leave your fur baby without one? The RocLok Hide a Key is the first and only rock hide a key with a hidden lock box, allowing your pet sitters a safe way to care for your special family members while you’re away.

Made exclusively in the USA, RocLok’s newest model, The Dolomite, was specifically created to help raise money for Shorty’s Charities. A long, low-lying rock formation, The Dolomite has a realistic look, weight and feel; will age naturally and offers unsurpassed security as it safeguards several spare keys behind a 3 digit combination lock with 1,000 possible code options.

Dolomite Dimensions:
Overall Rock Size
width: 9.5 inches
length: 11 inches
height: 5.25 inches
weight: 15 lbs / 7.2 oz

Key Hiding Chamber Size
width: 2 inches
length: 3 inches
depth: 3/8 of an inch

Price: $79.95
Price includes free ground shipping within the Continental United States

Proceeds from sales will go to Shorty’s Charities, Angel City Pit Bulls, Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation, Fundación Pit Bulls Ensenada, Western Pennsylvania Police Benevolent Foundation and Doors of Faith Orphanage.

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About the RocLok Hide a Key:
About the RocLok Hide a Key: Invented in 2008 by former Real Estate Broker in Oregon, Ryan Belshee, the RocLok Hide a Key is the world’s first and only locking rock key hider. Protecting spare keys in three ways, the RocLok hides in plain sight, will not be easily discovered by someone kicking around for the fake rock key hider and if the secret is found out, keys are safeguarded behind a 3 digit combination lock.

The code is set by the RocLok’s owner and can be changed when in the unlocked position only. The material used for the outer shell of the RocLok is a specially enhanced concrete blend that allows the rock to age naturally, withstand climate changes and remain impact resistant. Additionally the key chamber was designed to sit off of the ground, forming an inverted cup and trapping air that displaces water and keeps keys dry. The combination lock is rated for outdoor use and with periodic maintenance will work for many years to come.

RocLok Hide a Keys are perfect for anyone who locks a door including: latch key kids, pet sitters, house sitters, elderly home owners, in-home caretakers, pool gates, business owners or even while enjoying the great outdoors!





















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