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Shorty Rossi Pitbull, Geisha

Shorty Rossi Pitbull, Geisha

Shorty's Pit Bull Rescue

Geisha Rossi
2000 - November 2, 2013 RIP

If it wasn't for Geisha, there would be no Shorty's Rescue or Shorty's Charities Inc. Because of her we have saved so many dogs and we will continue to do so through Shorty's Charities.

Geisha was rescued from a Los Angeles Animal Shelter in 2000 at six months old. When Shorty went to get his first pit bull after his incarceration, he went to the North Central Animal Shelter in Los Angeles. After looking at the dozens of pit bulls in the shelter, he came across Geisha, a dog that was supposed to be euthanized that day. Shorty immediately feel in love with Geisha and adopted her.

Shorty actually had to come back later that evening to pick up Geisha because she needed to be fixed. As he returned, he was informed that she didn’t get fixed, and they couldn’t release her – that Shorty should get another dog instead. Shorty had a friend at the shelter and helped sneak Geisha out the back door and into a new life.

Geisha became Shorty's "alter ego" and went with him wherever he went. Geisha became a poster dog for pit bulls. When Shorty injured his back, Geisha was his first service animal.

Not only is Geisha a service dog, she also is involved in volunteer work; she makes frequent visits to nursing homes, schools, charity functions and hospitals. Geisha is an actress – she has appeared in music videos and print ads.

As of 2012, Geisha is over 13 years old and her age is finally catching up with her. She is now permanently retired and enjoying her golden years in Shorty's house in Mexico. Life couldn''t be any better for her.


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